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1000’s of Games, 100’s of Tables, Endless Fun

Everyone knows that Australia is a great place for eco-tourism. It’s also a great place for linguists, anthropologists, zoologists, and beach lovers. Many people are not yet aware that Australia is a great place for casino gaming. There are many Australian land based casinos, mostly along the Australian Fertile Crescent from Perth to the southwest to Brisbane in the northeast. There are also two excellent casinos further up the eastern coast from Brisbane, one in Darwin where the willy willies hit, and one fully ensconced in the Outback for people on Walkabout.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the land based casinos you might enjoy as you travel through Australia.

The Crown Casino

This is the gaming gateway to Western Australia. The complex has three hotels plus a spa in a massive campus that includes sixteen restaurants, three entertainment venues, a conference centre, and much more. One of the hotels is shaped like the spaceship in close Encounters of the Third Kind. It has over 2000 pokies and other electronic games and more than 200 table games.

Although it is relatively far from the bigger population centers, Crown Perth attracts over 3,000,000 visitors each year. It has accommodations for every budget from backpacker casual to luxury.


In Australia, racecourses are permitted to offer electronic games. As we move east from Perth we encounter several racecourses. The primary function of a racecourse is horseracing but in Australia horseracing comes with a twist, or actually with a spin!

Princess Cruises

This cruise line out of Melbourne offers onboard casino gambling on some ships. In addition to the casino, the cruise line offers every possible cruise amenity including endless food with 24 hour room service, art auctions, activities, pools and much more.


There are four casinos in Tasmania, the home of the world famous yabbi. The largest casino on the island is Wrest Point with nearly 800 pokies and about 25 tables. The complex also has fine dining and accommodations and is a perfect home base for travel about the island.

Casino Canberra

No visit to the nation’s capital would be complete without an entertaining evening at the local casino. This is a full feature casino with gaming, dining, entertainment and every amenity a great hotel and casino can offer. Casino Canberra has so much to offer that many people use it as their base and have a great day or two without even stepping out onto the casino floor.

Online Casinos

At this point, we might begin a discussion of the value of gaming at land based casinos vs online casinos. Whether you’re a visitor or a local Australian, there are good reasons to play your favourite casino games online as well as good reasons to play at a land based casino.

The big draws at a land based casino are atmosphere and luxury. Land based casinos offer great accommodations plus the fantastic ambience of the casino floor. When you play online, you can’t hear the excitement that surrounds the craps and roulette tables.

If you’re away from home, the hotels at the top land based casinos are first rate with the best amenities of luxury hotels anywhere in the world.

All other comparisons favour online casinos.

  • You have no travel costs.
  • Overhead is much lower so return to player rates are much higher.
  • You never have to wait for a pokies, any other electronic game, or a seat at the table. Even if a million people are playing the game you want to play, there’s room!
  • You never have to give up your seat to change casinos, go to the bathroom, or play a different game.
  • When you finish playing, you can go back to your regular activities such as family responsibilities or work.
  • Online casinos offer a mobile platform so you can play anywhere anytime. Some land based casinos have begun adding mobile and online platforms. But why go to a land based casino if you intend on playing online?
  • Online casinos can offer more games and games from several providers. WPokies Online Casino offers games from several of the best developers. They have pokies in every theme.

Sydney Casinos

There are two cruise lines that operate out of Sydney and feature onboard casinos. As is the case with the cruises out of Melbourne, these cruises are luxury vacations in their own right with every amenity a cruise can offer.

The City Tattersalls Club is a small pokies casino with about 500 pokies but no table games.

The Star is a full casino with 1500 pokies, 140 table games in addition to 34 poker tables, restaurants, entertainment, and luxury hotel accommodations. The floor covers over 10,000 square metres so you never feel crowded even when the casino is full of people.

At The Star poker is as much a feature as are pokies. The World Series of Poker has been played here and poker players, from neophytes to professionals, come to The Star to get in on the poker action.

A new casino, the Crown Sydney is scheduled to open in 2022. It will have fully 40,000 square metres of floor space so the number of pokies, blackjack and baccarat tables, and poker tables will likely be astounding.

Up the Coast

In the Brisbane area are three excellent boutique casinos. They are the perfect places to enjoy either an entertaining evening or a thrill packed evening after a day of exploring the eastern coast of Australia.

One Final Word

As luxurious as the casinos in Australia are, land based casino gaming is not suited for everyone. Online casinos offer hours or mere minutes of gaming whereas land based casinos generally offer days of gaming, other types of entertainment, and luxury accommodations.

Clearly, both types of casinos have their place even as they offer quite different gaming.