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Mobile Pokies are an Easy App Away

Playing casino games on your mobile device is as simple as downloading an app. Today’s smartphones and tablets are so powerful that simple mobile pokies apps take very little space in the devices’ memory. Most smartphone owners have dozens of useful apps on their phones and the phones work quickly and smoothly throughout. Mobile pokies apps bring the great world of pokies to your fingertips.

Just as mobile devices have gone through and continue to go through many stages of development, so have mobile casino apps. The great convenience of playing casino games on a mobile device is as obvious as the convenience of mobile communication generally. In addition to convenience, there are other important reasons that a mobile platform is now the number one platform that most players use to play pokies and other casino games.


It’s simply a lot more comfortable to play whilst lounging on a favourite chair or sofa rather than sitting at a desktop console. So, even at home, a lot of players prefer playing on their mobile device


Passing the Time

The idea of convenience refers to carrying the casino with you in your pocket, purse, or valise. We all have a lot of down time when we’re just waiting. It could be in an office waiting for an appointment or a meeting or on the commuter train on our way to or from work.

In the past, many people read a book or the newspaper or whatever magazines there were in the waiting room. Reading is actually a passive activity; it tires us rather than energizing us. On the commuter train, it was not unusual to see people sleeping. By playing pokies or other casino games on your mobile device, you actually energize yourself.

Pokies keep you alert and alive during the tiresome commute home. It keeps you alert for the important meeting or appointment you’re waiting for. So, playing pokies on a mobile platform is far more than just gaming.

Synergy with Parent Casino

Most mobile casinos began as adjuncts to a main desktop casino. Whereas the mobile casino may have about 100 games, the desktop casino may have 600 or more games. The online casino operators underrated their mobile platforms and games.

It took about ten years or so for the mobile technology itself to improve to the point that many gamers preferred mobile over desktop. It also took time for the quality of games available on mobile to reach the level desired by mobile gamers.

One thing did always exist and it alone kept mobile gaming popular even before the great improvements in graphics and animation for mobile of the past few years. That is that the mobile casino’s account was the same as the desktop casino’s account. That meant that any mobile pokies bonus you received whilst playing on the mobile platform, would be instantly recorded in you overall casino account.

It meant that you could allay the play through requirement for any bonus whilst playing on the mobile device. it meant that any gaming you did in a tournament whilst on the mobile device was credited to your one casino account for the tournament.

In other words, it created a full partnership between the desktop and the mobile casinos. Given that today more players use their mobile devices to play pokies and other casino games, the smooth synergy between the two is more important than ever.

Evolution of Online Pokies

There is also an interesting psychological aspect to playing WPokies mobile pokies. We always thought that playing pokies was “just” entertaining and fun. We never realized that pokies playing has been studied. You might be interested in the results.

Pokies are an excellent source of “flow”, a concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (who we will call Dr. M for obvious reasons).

The Concept of Flow

Flow means that we get so immersed in an activity that time seems to move more rapidly. What was actually an hour seems like just a few minutes. The cliché “time flies when you’re having fun” refers to the same phenomenon. Flow is very important to our overall good mood and mobile pokies are a great source of flow!

Dr. M had four criteria for the achievement of flow. First, there has to be a goal. This can be to climb a mountain or hike a wilderness path, work on a project, paint the house, or cook dinner for several guests. As long as there is a clear cut goal, flow may ensue. In pokies, the goal is to have fun and possibly win some money.

Second, there have to be clear “rules” for the activity. Mountain climbing is a dangerous sport so climbers must follow well established guidelines for safe climbing. Cooking involves following a recipe. Simple cooking activities like cutting vegetables also have “rules” that protect your fingers. The “rules” in pokies refer to decisions you have to make such as number of paylines to play and what to bet.

Third, flow ensues when there is immediate feedback during the activity. It I the feedback that creates the flow as feedback constantly reinforces interest in continuing the activity. In pokies, feedback is the many smaller wins we get on our way to a big win. Every win brings music, animation, and other attention-grabbing elements.

Finally, there has to be a challenge. Here is where modern pokies have improved dramatically over the old fashioned three reel pokies of past generations. Today’s pokies have themes. You can go from a high adventure filled with danger to romance to simple humour. Through your mobile device, you can access any number of great pokies and themes.

The challenge is also felt in the number of paylines, and any decisions you have to make along the way. Gamble: yes or no. Multipliers or more free spins: yes or no.

Pokies Serve a Valuable Purpose

It is extremely interesting that mobile pokies are as attractive an activity within its milieu which is time-consuming entertainment as working on a major project is attractive within its own milieu.

The mobile pokies apps at WPokies and other excellent mobile casinos make playing pokies easy, convenient, and fun, and provide a big psychological boost as well.