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Neosurf is Easy and Convenient for Depositing at Aussie Casinos

Neosurf is a prepaid card that people can use to buy thousands of products or services online. Neosurf cards are available all over the world in a vast number of outlets that include internet cafes, petrol stations, supermarkets and small grocery stores, newspaper stands, and many more. It is likely that Neosurf is also available at one’s neighborhood convenience store.

Many online casinos in Australia and around the world accept Neosurf for deposits.

Advantages of Prepaid Cards

Neosurf is not the only prepaid card on the market. It is fast becoming one of the most popular prepaid cards because it is so easy to obtain and use. At this point we should elaborate on the advantages online casino gamers enjoy when they use a prepaid card for their depositing.

Sets Limits

Prepaid cards share a major value with debit cards: you can deposit only as much as is already in the card. In that way, many online casino gamers set their own gambling limits. Credit cards, ewallet transfers, and direct bank transfers often carry more money than gamers want to gamble with. Prepaid cards are the perfect vehicle to set gaming limits on oneself.

Some see this as a disadvantage since it “admits” that gaming may at times get out of hand. However, gaming is at its most basic level a form of entertainment. Everyone who has limited assets sets limits on the amount of money they can spend on entertainment. These limits include one’s cable television package in which most people pay less than the maximum per month because they don’t need more.

Everyone loves eating out and we also set limits on the type of restaurant we’ll go to not only because of the cuisine but also because of the price. Most people choose to fly in the economy section because business and first class cost more than they are willing to pay.

So self-control in online casino gaming is really a big plus.


When we use our credit card for any transaction, the bank and who knows how many other entities know about it. Putting money in a prepaid card removes the bank and all those other snoops from the private transaction we wish to conclude with the online casino of our choice.

So Simple

There are thousands of places around the world where you can buy a Neosurf card. You don’t have to show any identification, passport, driving license, etc. You put money into the card at the terminal and you get a card with a specific code.

Obviously, no one can steal the money because only you have the code. The Neosurf company strongly advises keeping the card and the code safely in separate places so if one is stolen or lost, the other will not be.

Even if you put more money in one Neosurf card than you decide to deposit in the WPokies casino, the money remains yours. You can use it to make any of a vast number of other purchases online or you can transfer that money to another Neosurf card so you can keep all your money in one safe “place”.

Online Casinos

A growing number of online casino, especially casinos that serve the Australian gaming community, accept Neosurf as a safe, private, and convenient way to deposit money.

These deposits can be made in AUD pointing to one of the great advantages for Aussies of gaming at Aussie-friendly casinos: you can play in Australian dollars!

Depositing at Australian casinos with Neosurf is as easy as it is with any other deposit vehicle. The big difference is privacy and safety.

Many gamers have expressed their support for Neosurf. They say that it’s convenient, safe, and private, exactly the basic points we have made here. Some gamers say that for them it is inconvenient to have to go to an outlet to buy a card. These gamers prefer using their credit card, direct bank transfer, or ewallet for casino banking. That is totally fair and reasonable; people who choose Neosurf do so for the safety and privacy and because it is an excellent way to set gaming limits.

Online Casino Banking

The explosion in online casino gaming has led to a concomitant explosion in casino banking methods. Regardless of which banking method is best for you, the casino you want to play at must be fully protected with the best encryption software in the market.

If you choose to bank with Neosurf, you still have to do your due diligence and make sure that the casino is fully protected from hackers.

Neosurf or any of the other prepaid cards is just one way to send money to a casino. Players need to decide what is best for them. Australians who decide that using a prepaid card is best for them, most often choose Neosurf as the prepaid card they wish to use for their casino banking.