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Trust Begins with the Casino’s Attitude to You

Trust is at the heart of every purchase we make. We trust our doctor to prescribe the right treatment for any ailment. We trust the auto mechanic to repair what’s broken and nothing else. We trust the supermarket to sell us tomatoes that taste good and are not useless once we cut them. And we need to find a trusted online casino if we want to play casino games online with confidence.

Aspects of Trust

As it relates to online casino gaming there are a few elements that any trusted online casino Australia must meet.

  • It must faithfully safeguard your money at all times.
  • It must faithfully safeguard your privacy at all times.
  • It must use a Random Number Generator (RNG) so you know that the casino has no influence at all on the outcome of any game.
  • It must accept auditing on a regular basis from an independent auditing company that will check the RNG and every other aspect of the casino’s operation in order to protect the gaming public.
  • It must keep track honestly of every spin or hand you play so there is a record of the outcome in the event that you have a disagreement with the casino.
  • It must provide faithful customer service on a 24/7 basis.

Customer Service

This is as important to the sense of trust you absolutely must have if you’re going to feel good playing at a given casino as is the quality of the games.

We suggest that you call customer service before you sign up and ask some questions. Ask about bonuses, play through requirements, and return to player rates. If the customer service representative doesn’t know the answers or if he or she is reluctant to answer or if they are in any way not friendly and mannerly in their attitude, that’s a very big red line: go somewhere else.

Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has a long document called terms and conditions or t and c for short. We venture to guess that even many lawyers wouldn’t understand every detail therein. Ask questions that you assume are answered in the t and c. Be very judgmental regarding the answers. There are thousands of online casinos. Some are not safe to play at but how do you know? One way is to pummel customer service with questions and see how they answer. If one casino fails to meet your minimal expectations, there are a lot of others to choose from.


It’s truly amazing that some casinos have such small print on their home page that many gamers simply can’t read what’s written. If you have a hard time reading the text, go elsewhere. The home page should have easy references to bonuses, promotions, banking, games, and customer service.

If you click on one and you don’t like the page it sends you to, go elsewhere.


There are many forums for online casino gamers. You can find them easily. They are very helpful but you also have to be able to read between the lines because no one really knows the motives behind any good casino review or any bad casino review.

Mobile Gaming

A desktop casino should also have a mobile platform. If they do, they should also make it clear that you have one account at the two casinos. That way, your play through activity will be recorded whether you play on the mobile or on the desktop platforms.

If it isn’t absolutely clear, it could be that the two casinos have two accounts and that would be a negative for you.

Safe Banking

A casino has to have the best SSL encryption software because anything less would subject your money to hacking. Be sure that the encryption is top of the line. This is another area that you can ask customer service. If they don’t have a ready answer, go elsewhere.

Game Providers

There are a few top of the line game providers. Some set up their own casinos and some sell their games to independent casinos. The top providers have their own reputations to protect so they are independent watchdogs of a sort making sure that any casino that carries their games is always legitimate and trustworthy.

Instant Play

A casino should offer Instant Play. This enables you to play on your internet server without having to download. It also means that you can sample many online casinos at little cost to yourself. You can accept the Welcome Bonus and play.

Call the casino with questions. Test them. After a while, you’ll know if you want to stay with any given casino or not.

Trust in the Best

So, is there a safe online casino Australia? Actually, there are quite a few. We’ll mention only one by name: WPokies trusted online casino. This casino is relatively new and they seem to have learnt a lot about the online casino business even before they started operations.

Their customer service team is very good. The banking arrangements are good and safe. The casino has games from several excellent providers who you can be sure are watching it very carefully.

We haven’t spoken about variety of games as a factor in the overall trust you feel or don’t feel at a casino. That’s because it isn’t a factor at all. A much more important factor is how many eyes are watching the casino. In the case of WPokies online casino, the government is watching, player watchdog groups are watching, and all of the game providers are watching.